Acupuncture & Equine Guided Learning

Our Approach

One of the unique ways we work is using a combination of Acupuncture and Equine Guided Learning. Both gentle and potent, this approach will enable you to settle the nervous system; work through challenges at an embodied level with support; and explore parts of your Self in new and generative ways.

Effective For

The combination of Acupuncture and EGL can be particularly effective for those who are feeling disconnected and numb or conversely those who are experiencing high levels of activation or anxiety. We specialise in three main areas

  • anxiety and depression

  • trauma

  • addiction recovery & co-dependency

About Us

Working in partnership with Registered Acupuncturist, Jake Gold, BACP, we offer sessions that combine the benefits of Acupuncture with Equine Guided Therapy. Collectively we have over 25 years of experience working in private practice and a range of other settings.  Find out more about us here.

Who is this for?

  • anyone who experiences high levels of anxiety and would like to explore what is really going on under the surface

  • individuals who are in recovery looking for deep holding and support

  • anyone who does not want to stay in therapy for years on end; who is really willing to look at themselves and do some deep diving into who they truly are

  • those who have tried the traditional medical model route and have found that the prescription drugs and diagnoses have not helped; those who are ready to go beyond the pathology and come into contact with their own unique being

Step 1 - Acupuncture

Sessions begin in the clinic and after a check-in, we begin with an acupuncture session. Known for calming the sympathetic nervous system, acupuncture is particularly effective for improving mood and reducing anxiety. You will be in a calm and supportive environment, with the presence of both Laira and Jake. The acupuncture session ends in the clinic where there is time for any processing .

Step 2 - Equine Guided Learning

Having experienced the acupuncture session in the clinic, clients often find that their frame of mind is feeling settled and spacious. When ready, we then move out to the horses, where you will meet the herd at the pace that suits you. Personal encounters with horses (Equine Guided Therapy) allows you to work through issues at a behavioural, emotional, psychological and even spiritual level. Different to traditional talking therapy, this approach is experiential where learning is often accelerated through experiencing the truth of our body. No riding is involved. Sessions are run by Psychotherapist and Monty Roberts Certified Instructor Laira Gold.

The Practicals

  • Sessions are co-run by Acupuncturist, Jake Gold and Psychotherapist and horse woman, Laira Gold.

  • We work in blocks of 6 sessions, which can be spread out over a time frame that suits you. Each session lasts 1.5 hours and costs £150.

  • The first is an assessment session where we look to fully understand the issues and develop a treatment plan going foward.

  • Sessions are run from our purpose built facilities at Steane Grounds Clinic.

  • For enquiries, please email or call the clinic on 01280 403 096 during office hours. For further information on acupuncture click here.